The Mobility that Customers Expect with Visibility that Retailers Need

Today’s global and mobile marketplace has led consumer expectations to rise to a new level. Many shoppers rely primarily on mobile devices for online activity, including merchandise return requests. Retailers are finding that by meeting customer demand for mobility they are gaining visibility and are able to respond proactively in multiple areas, including customer service and inventory management.
Mobile Experience
Customers get the mobile experience and the expedited returns process that they desire
No Printer Needed
Mobile Return Authorization eliminates a customer’s need for a printer or computer
Inventory Control
Retailers can extend coordination of data to achieve greater efficiency in operations
Greater Visibility
Accelerated returns notifications give retailers more visibility into inventory and operations

ConnectShip | iShip Mobile Returns offers the mobility and simplicity that customers expect and the real-time returns information that retailers need. Retailers benefit from Mobile Returns by gaining better visibility into the path of product returns and being able to reduce inventory. Customers simply walk into a retail shipping location and show the representative the return information on their mobile device. The shipping location representative scans the mobile device and is then able to process, label, and ship the return package to the retailer.

How it Works

The following diagram depicts the typical returns process using ConnectShip | iShip Mobile Returns.

*When the retailer processes the return request, complete return label information and a unique return identifier will be sent (push) by API to the secure ConnectShip | iShip data center, or stored by the retailer for real-time API retrieval (pull) when the unique return ID (alphanumeric or scannable code) is entered by the retail shipping location. If the optional Automated Drop-Off Notification is enabled for the retailer, upon shipping, a customized electronic notification will be sent to the retailer. The notification will be sent for all drop-offs associated to their carrier account, including packages with pre-printed return labels.

Other Solutions offered by ConnectShip | iShip

ConnectShip | iShip offers a variety of logistics and reverse logistics solutions. To speak with a representative who can supply the right solution to enhance any logistics process, or to learn more about ConnectShip | iShip Mobile Returns, contact us or call (866) 461 4441.