Important Message from Endicia

Endicia has requested that we communicate the following message to our Endicia customers regarding their updated terms and conditions.

Dear Endicia customers,

Endicia has updated its Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use Endicia, you are agreeing to our revised Terms and Conditions at

Importantly, we are requiring an additional verification of our updated Terms and Conditions starting August 1, 2017. On August 1st, the USPS is introducing their Automated Package Verification (APV) system to check packages for correct postage. The USPS is requiring all PC Postage providers, including Endicia, to participate.

Because of the APV system, we are requiring this additional step. To avoid any disruption to service, you can accept the Terms and Conditions right away by going to, logging into your account, reviewing the updated Terms and Conditions, and clicking Agree.

For more information about the USPS APV program, visit our APV FAQ page.

Please note APV only applies to domestic packages, and not letters, large envelopes, or international packages.

If you have additional questions about the APV system, please contact USPS at

Thank you for choosing Endicia.

Anthony Roy
Partner Manager
P. 650.321.2640 x233