July 2017 USPS AS2 Certificate Update

USPS has announced that an updated AS2 certificate will be installed in their Production systems on July 11, 2017. The current AS2 certificate expires on August 5, 2017.

After 8/05/2017, AS2 file uploads will fail unless the new AS2 certificate is installed on customer servers.

This certificate update affects all USPS customers who are currently uploading eVS or ECM (Electronic Customs Manifest) files at closeout.

Going forward, all USPS updates provided by ConnectShip | iShip will contain the new AS2 certificate, which will be date-activated to take effect on 7/11/2017. USPS 6.5 Update ZN, will be posted for download on or before 6/30/2017.

To avoid AS2 file upload interruptions, customers should install USPS 6.5 Update ZN (or any subsequent USPS update) no later than 8/05/2017.

Customers should not attempt to use PMC to install or uninstall any AS2 certificates as part of this update. No PMC configuration changes are required. The new certificate is installed as part of the USPS component update.

Another option is to migrate from AS2 to the USPS-proprietary PDX secure HTTPS transmission protocol, which is fully supported in version 6.5. PDX uses the customer registration database of the USPS Business Customer Gateway for its login credentials and is the USPS-recommended transmission protocol.

For more information on PDX, see the USPS component documentation.

For PDX on-boarding assistance, contact the USPS HelpDesk at: 877-264-9693.